Gas Catalytic IR Heaters

TITAN Catalytic have designed and created the most efficient and controllable Gas Catalytic IR heaters available today. In particular, the level of low output control is industry beating.

TITAN Catalytic IR heaters are the core of every oven we design and produce.

Gas Catalytic IR Ovens

TITAN Catalytic design and manufacture Gas Catalytic IR ovens for the following finishing processes:

  • Dry Off
  • Pre Gel
  • Full Cure

Benefits of Gas Catalytic IR Heating

Adopting Gas Catalytic IR technology into your production process will:

  • Improve shop floor utilization
  • Create an oven with a smaller footprint
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 50%
  • Improve quality
  • Increase production


Gas Catalytic IR technology is suitable for use in powder and liquid curing industries. These applications include:

  • LPG tank refurbishment
  • Alloy wheel coating
  • Chassis powder coating
  • Fence and railing coating
  • Heat sensitive substrates such as MDF and plywood
  • Many more applications

Customer Testing

Whatever your application it is we can benchmark your current process against Gas Catalytic IR. This will allow us to show our customers that we can solve your curing problems, and design a correctly configured solution to ensure:

  • Correct curing of powder/liquid on your parts
  • Design the oven to suit your production/line speed requirements
  • Provide a suitable PLC control system based on the number of heaters, sections and zones

Testing is available at our Bristol, CT plant .

Construction Options

Gas Catalytic IR ovens from TITAN can be supplied in two ways:

  • Fully assembled (pre-wired and plumbed) individual sections, quick to assemble and commission.
  • Kit systems are available for customers with in-house sheet metal fabrication. TITAN will provide DXF part files of the proven oven design, along with the heaters, controls, gas management system and provide all the back-up support the customer needs to build their oven in-house.