TITAN Catalytic Partnered With NikoTrack

TITAN Catalytic is partnered with NikoTrack. NikoTrack provides flexible, modular overhead powered or manual conveyor lines. NikoTrack systems are perfect for the finishing industry.

Overhead Conveyors

NikoTrack's overhead monorail conveyor systems are designed to suit most existing working environments. They can be configured as chain powered or a low cost alternative to 'power and free' systems for certain scenarios such as lean manufacturing systems. Automatic switches allow for side shifting on dual tracks to maximize storage space. NikoTracks six profiles are capable of carrying loads up to 3,520 lbs. NikoTrack provides a complete range of track sections, support fittings, trolleys, turns and switches. These components can be assembled to produce a large range of modular design products including:

  • Manual Overhead Conveyors
  • Suspension Systems
  • Festoon Cable Supply Systems
  • Industrial Barn Door tracks and fittings
  • Lightweight Overhead Cranes

NikoTrack produces manual overhead conveyor and monorail transfer systems that are modular in design for ease of installation and modification.


  • Multiple track sizes
  • Manual or powered
  • Flexible and simple track mounting system
  • Standard components to connect and suspend the monorail conveyor track
  • All components are electro galvanized for complete protection
  • Seamless integration with the NikoTrack lightweight crane and lifting equipment
  • Free running, economical with minimal maintenance


  • Powder coating, painting, and material finishing applications
  • Any industrial process that requires movement of parts, above floor level
  • Situations where flight-bars are used to move parts between processes within a plant


  • Easy to install, extend or move
  • Free running - requires 1/100 weight to force ratio to move doors
  • Low maintenance - bearings and track do not need to be oiled
  • High reliability – certified for 100,000 cycles
  • Near silent operation
  • Simple operation
  • Tapered edge track profile means door hangers always run smooth and do not snag or bind
  • Compact size – allowing for space utilisation
  • Track profile designed to reduce build up of dust, dirt and ice

More Information

NikoTrack is partnered with TITAN Catalytic. Full details of NikoTrack products can be found on the NikoTrack website.