Who Are We?

TITAN Catalytic is rooted from the original pioneers of gas catalytic IR in the USA and those key people have joined forces with ETTER Engineering - the control experts for Catalytic Ovens. This new force in the industry brings together a combined level of expertise and depth of knowledge that spans over 30 years. We are TITAN Catalytic.

What We Do

We are driven by the need to produce the most efficient Long Wave Infrared Gas Catalytic heaters available today. Our latest designs reflect the best in both high heat output while using cutting edge control technology that produce very low levels of even heat distribution for curing coatings on heat sensitive substrates. The result is a heater that exceeds the needs of the Finishing Industry when matched with the innovative oven designs that have been our signature for over 30 years.

TITAN Catalytic and NikoTrack

NikoTrack and TITAN Catalytic are partners. NikoTrack are designers and manufacturers of extremely flexible modular overhead conveyors and lines. NikoTrack’s products are perfect for use with the most efficient powder and paint finishing lines.